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DriveTime - Finding Ease, Security in an Auto Purchase

With over a hundred branches nationwide, DriveTime is one of the largest dealerships in the U.S. It is known for its commitment to help people with credit issues get behind the wheel. With their consumer-centered programs, you can comfortably and confidently purchase a car. But before you get too excited, you need to make sure they're offered in your area.

The Website

After navigating through DriveTime's website, we've come up with two words to describe their online portal: cool and easy. The site is "cool" because the color scheme—predominantly jungle green and mint green—makes navigation easy on the eyes. It isn't hard at all to browse through their inventory page.

The second adjective is "easy" because the website makes the most in-demand tools, like search, live chat and loan application, readily available in almost every web page. If you need quick help in submitting your loan application or have questions about the inventory, the live chat button is just at the upper-right portion of every page. Links to loan application are also right where you need them to be.

DriveTime seems to understand well that online loan application is all about speed and convenience. Their application form is very simple, asking for only the most important information about you. Plus, you can expect to get the result fast.

The inventory page is relaxed. It does not appear crowded with contents unlike with other dealership websites where things just get confusing. To start shopping, set your location first. The site will find vehicles sold in nearby DriveTime dealerships in your area. Here are some things about the inventory page that we find applaudable.

  • comprehensive lists of vehicle features
  • instant access to vehicle's history through AutoCheck reports
  • good-quality photos of a vehicle's various angles
  • provided contact details and name of a sales advisor so you would know who to look for

If you find the car you're looking for, you can schedule a visit or get approved for financing (the buttons for these are right on the same page) right away.

Programs and Services

What would make one purchase a car from DriveTime is perhaps the programs that set DriveTime apart from other dealerships. For example, if you previously bought a car from a DriveTime dealership, you can enjoy $1,000 discount on your next vehicle purchase, little or no down payment and a lower rate.

If you are a military service member with remaining 24 months of active duty, you are eligible for an APR that's 3% lower than what is offered for non-military customers and a lower down payment regardless of your credit.

But if you are a car buyer whose greatest concern is the value for money, you might love DriveTime for their OneTrue Price package. To make sure you get the best value in your vehicle, OneTrue Price comes with DriveCare (vehicle protection plan with extended powertrain coverage), AutoCheck history report (free) and multi-point inspections.

As for being eco-friendly, DriveTime labels some of their vehicles with the SmartWay leaf to indicate that such models are more fuel-efficient, have less carbon emissions and meet the EPA standards.

Do you love incentives? Well, you can receive $200 credit if you are able to get a friend, a family member or a relative purchase a vehicle from a DriveTime dealership.

Payment Options

If you ask us about the payment options, all that we can tell you is the word "convenience." There are several ways to send your loan payments to DriveTime. Sounds really convenient, isn't it? But it may also imply that DriveTime's not giving you any opportunity to make excuses for not making your payments.

Anyway, here are DriveTime's payment options. Take note that some come with a fee.

  • auto-deduction from your bank account
  • mail payment
  • MoneyGram
  • online payment via ($4.50 fee)
  • phone payment ($4.50 fee)
  • auto-deduction from military allotment (for military customers only)
  • payment through MyDriveTime account
  • payment in a Walmart Money Center (applicable to both auto loan and lease payments)

If ever you decide to do business with DriveTime, be sure to create your MyDriveTime account. This service, which is exclusive to DriveTime customers, is for free. It's where you can manage and monitor your payments easily.


  1. You can get instant access to a vehicle's history report without having to pay anything.
  2. Online loan application is hassle-free with minimal information request.
  3. Payment options are several.


  1. OneTrue Price and DriveCare are available only in select branches of DriveTime. This is not good news if the branches near you do not offer these services.
  2. There is no auto financing program for college students.
  3. You wouldn't find a Resources page or something where you can find information that can help you as a car buyer.


Car shoppers have to check out and the DriveTime dealership nearest them. Not only they can enjoy convenient online car shopping but they can also find financing almost instantly. However, don't forget to still shop around for the best car price and car loan rate.

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